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We’ve all heard that affirmations are powerful, yet most people still fall into one of two categories:

– Not using them
– Not using them effectively

Few people are actually using affirmations in ways that create visible results in their lives.


Here’s what I believe are the biggest three reasons…

#1: Just not using them

Although this seems obvious, I have to say it. Some people are handed a golden opportunity on a silver platter, and instead they opt for eating out of the dog’s bowl instead. I can’t fault them. Most people who have heard of affirmations haven’t experienced their true power.

Some people never start using them. Other people used them ineffectively, then stopped when they didn’t see results. It’s understandable. It’s also unfortunate.

When people actually use affirmations though, they often come up against one of the following two challenges that can cause their best-laid plans to backfire.

#2: Using incorrect words that actually REPEL what they want

(like “ideal” and “attract”)

There’s a whole category of words that people mistakenly use in their affirmations, not realizing that by using these specific words (even ones they’ve been TOLD to use), that they are actually programming their mind for self-sabotage.

Let me tell you a story to explain why…

When I was at my New Year retreat early this year, I was introduced to an affirmation that helps people move past their money blockages. That affirmation was:

“People love to give me money.”

Sounds great, right?

Not so fast. Because I understood the nature of affirmations and using Conscious Language, I immediately recognized the fallacy in that affirmation.

Just because people loved to give me money, didn’t mean they actually would! They could love to do something and not actually do it. I didn’t like that. Consequently, I began using the affirmation “People love giving me money.” This way I am affirming the actual exchange of energy that occurs with money.

Knowing these kinds of subtle differences in using conscious language make ALL the difference in your affirmations. Fortunately, it can be learned quite easily.

Please do yourself a favor: Never use the words “attract” or “ideal” in your affirmations.

There’s plenty of words you can use instead of those two that are part of the Unlucky 13. Now that little rant aside, here’s the 3rd big mistake people make with affirmations.

#3 Not integrating affirmations into your life holistically

Most people who do affirmations pick just one way to use them. Maybe they write them down once (or type them), and then say them out loud. Perhaps they go a bit further and say them out loud in the mirror each day.

The thing is, affirmations work by repetition. And they need to be integrated into your life fully. Not just halfway. Not just “good enough” because when it comes to affirmations, we are trying to really change the programming we use to navigate the world.

That’s not easy.

That’s also why with my own affirmations, I use multiple methods to integrate them into my life. I have an affirmation on my computer desktop, I have another one on my mouse pad, I use technology to run my affirmations all day long while I work on my computer.

And that’s just the start!

Here’s why this is so important…

While many people who teach affirmations focus on the subconscious mind, and that’s important, affirmations can ALSO be used as conscious present-moment reminders to re-align with what we want in our lives.

For example, let’s say you’re going about your day normally. Suddenly you look at your computer desktop wallpaper and see an affirmation that says, “I eat healthy, vibrant, energizing foods.”

You pause for a moment and look at the stack of cookies next to you and realize you’re not living in alignment with this affirmation. You then make a choice to ditch the cookies, drink some water and enjoy an apple.

Now that might not be your particular situation nor preference. However, it illustrates a key point: Affirmations aren’t just for your subconscious mind. When you integrate them into your life, they can be used as conscious reminders to live an incredible life.

Of course the kicker is – when you take ACTIONS that are in alignment with your intentions, you rapidly change your subconscious beliefs to come into alignment with those intentions.

In fact, action is a much much faster way to change your subconscious beliefs than any other method. And this is on top of using affirmations in subconscious passive ways to reprogram your mind on autopilot.

Wrapping up…

I could go on about the pitfalls people have with affirmations. Really, there’s a lot of them. However, today I just wanted to show you the top 3 mistakes that people make.

That way you can avoid the pitfalls and be sure to stay focused on exactly what you want to get out of life. 🙂

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