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Chinese ELEMENTS Meditation: Four week workshop:

All levels welcome!

In general meditations on dependent-relationship are very good for developing insight into the way that everything in our life is inter-related. It shows you that if one area of your life is out of balance, then that will affect other parts of your life detrimentally. Similarly, if you focus on getting one imbalanced area of your life back into balance and harmony, then that will affect pretty much all other areas of your life in a positive way too.

Explore and learn the Chinese five element cycle via guided meditation, specifically as it relates to our mental and emotional qualities. Here is a brief summary of the five elements, together with their mental and emotional characteristics (emotional section includes emotion when balanced, and the emotions when imbalanced:

EARTH ELEMENT/SEASONS: Balanced mental quality: Clarity, Emotions:

WOOD ELEMENT /SPRING: Balanced mental quality: Sensitivity, Emotions:

FIRE ELEMENT /SUMMER: Balanced mental quality: Willpower/Creativity,
Emotions: Hate/Joy

METAL ELEMENT/AULTUMN: Balanced mental quality: Intuition, Emotions:

WATER ELEMENT/WINTER: Balanced mental quality: Spontaneity,
Emotions: Calmness/Fear

Dates: Tuesdays – 20th, 27th Sept, 4th &11th Oct

Time: 7pm – 8pm

Venue: Academy of Hypnotic Science, 6 Riddell Parade, Elsternwick

Cost: $60 (payable on day one). BYO : Pillow

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