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Dealing with disappointment

You didn’t get the job you wanted. You were passed over for promotion. Your boss didn’t listen to your ideas. The customer went with another vendor. There are many situations that lead to professional disappointment.

Disappointment can’t be avoided but it can be managed. Managing disappointment is the difference between getting stuck in fear, frustration, and doubt, and using the experience learn, grow, and embrace the next opportunity that comes your way.
“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” ~ Helen Keller

I recently experienced a professional disappointment that took me a day or so to shake. My disappointment came when I gave a lecture that flopped. Big time. Even though I gave my best presentation I felt embarrassed at my failure to connect with the audience and deliver a great speech. I felt discouraged.

After recovering from the initial sting of disappointment I thought to myself, “ I’m going to write about this.” Now, I didn’t decide to write about this because the disappointment didn’t shake me or because I knew exactly how to move past the disappointment; I decided to write about it because I needed to brainstorm solutions and work some creative problem solving magic! So my lecture didn’t go well- so what? Life’s too short to be unhappy any longer than absolutely necessary.
Come on and read on for some of my ideas for dealing with disappointment!

Feel it
No matter how hard I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, I can’t turn my feelings on and off like a faucet. Sometimes I just have to feel what I’m feeling- to be in that feeling for a moment or two. It’s important not to wallow there, but simply acknowledge my feelings. Yep, I’m feeling disappointed. Oh, hello there, disappointment.

Do something nice for yourself
This is the perfect opportunity to treat myself extra nice! To take a few minutes to do something I enjoy like take a walk, take a nap, or catch up with a favourite TV show.

Learn from it
Okay so things didn’t go my way- why? Could I have done something differently? What am I willing to do differently next time? There’s always something to learn and doing so helps me be more effective and more resilient.

Use it
We’ve all experienced disappointment and sharing our experiences is a great way to help others and build relationships- kinda like I’m sharing my experience with you right now. If you’re struggling with disappointment I hope you find a little wisdom and release here. If you’ve experienced disappointment maybe you can share it with someone else and help them through this challenge.

Try, try again
No doubt I’ll have another opportunity to give a lecture in the near future and I’m going to take it! I’ve found the best way to build my confidence and ability is to keep practising, keep trying, keep doing. I can do this!

Be open to other opportunities
More than once I’ve been disappointed when I didn’t get a job or promotion I wanted only to find another great opportunity was just around the corner!

The key is being open to another opportunity instead of focusing on the opportunity that didn’t work out. It’s done. It’s in the past. If I want to be successful I have to stop looking back and look ahead.

Make the best of it
Sometimes I just have to be open to seeing my situation from a new perspective. I’m a master of making the best of whatever is in front of me. I can’t always change my situation but I can change my attitude. If my attitude is poor, no one is going to want to offer other opportunities.

Keep being awesome!
I choose to embrace my inner awesome and you can, too! Sure, we’ve all got weaknesses and we all have strengths. The best way to turn around a disappointment is to keep kicking ass each and every day. Yeah!

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