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Face your Fear – Finding the Courage to Shine – Workshop

28th May, 2017 at 10am – 4pm


370 St Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004

Equator Therapies Melbourne presents this ONE DAY personal development workshop with Joe Busuttil.

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Anything worthwhile that you can do, will likely scare you.
You probably woke up today wanting more. To do more, be more, or live in a way that lights you up.
But something got in your way, didn’t it? Maybe you stayed small, acted out of what you’re expected to do. Maybe you played it safe, instead of following your heart. Maybe you don’t even know what your heart says half the time because your brain is in the way.
That can change, right now. Keep reading to find out how…
If you ask yourself “Is this all there is?” or feel deflated at the thought of waking up every morning for the next 30 years to do exactly what you’re doing now, you’re not living your dream.
If the first thing you would do if you won the lottery or got diagnosed with cancer is quit everything you’re doing now, you’re cheating yourself.
We all have reasons why we’re not doing what we want, but if you give them a good hard look, most of them boil down to fear.
Imagine if you weren’t afraid.
Imagine having the confidence to take on your greatest projects, and succeed!
Imagine how it would feel to stop worrying what other people think of you or how you compare.
Imagine if you didn’t have to waste time struggling with yourself because you’re too intimidated to get started.
Imagine the relief of letting go of your self-doubt and worry.
Imagine the power of knowing you can cope with any situation that comes along.
Imagine how it would feel to run your own life and go after your dreams, without fear dragging you down and holding you back.
This is true freedom.
And it comes from overcoming your fears.
What you gain by mastering fear
It’s amazing, once you start facing your fears and doing the things you’re afraid of, how gratifying it is. It’s not just being able to do the things you always wanted, although that is very satisfying. It’s also how great you feel about yourself!
You respect yourself more and realize your worth. You no longer need to compare yourself to other people or worry about what they think, because you have confidence in yourself. And you open yourself up to so many more possibilities!
The world opens up for you.
I want this for you, and I know how hard it is to get there by yourself.
When you’re alone and afraid, the fears can feed on each other and multiply until you feel paralyzed. If you’re at all like I was, you may have fears like these.
What if I’m making a fool of myself?
What if I’m being unrealistic? I don’t have it that bad. Maybe I should just be grateful things aren’t worse.
What if there’s something wrong with me and I can’t do any better than this?
What if nothing ever changes and I keep struggling with these same problems and fears forever?
What if I fail?
What if I succeed and everyone hates me for it?
What if everyone finds out how weak and imperfect I am?
When I asked if anyone was interested in learning to overcome your fears, the response blew me away.
You want freedom.
You want to breathe easier.
You want to do what you want.
You want to make a difference in people’s lives.
You want to be able to conquer anything that comes your way.
You want to be happy.
You want to be able to look back on your life and be proud that you took the risks to be your best self and make the most of your life.
I want to see you do all this and more. I want to see you living your dreams, and dreaming bigger and bigger.

What have you got to lose.

Nothing !!!!

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