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How to be HAPPY…..

Most seek it from outside sources such as relationships, jobs, money & homes. Unsurprisingly, when these goals are met, some are still left feeling unsatisfied, unhappy and a little empty on the inside.

True happiness, otherwise known as joy, can only come from within, not without. Happy, optimistic people tend to lead happy, optimistic lives, and by no coincidence. Check out below some of our
tips to help with being happy inside and out .

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice that allows you to be happy through a witnessing, connection and acceptance of thoughts, feelings and actions in the present moment. It is the process of paying attention to the ‘now’, a time neglected by most.

2. Laugh Out Loud

Recent studies demonstrated that subjects started to feel biologically happier after watching funny videos. They had a significant drop in stress hormones like Cortisol and a rise of 27% with their feel-good endorphin levels.

3. Get a Pet

Science has shown that animals can play a direct role in reducing stress levels. Their cry for attention keeps us in the present moment, exercise with them keeps us fit and cuddling a pet can boost natural endorphins leaving you feeling happier.

4. Find Your True Calling

If you are miserable in your job, consider exploring other alternatives. Even if that means earning and accumulating less in the short term. Find something that you really love to do and research the area as a prospect of earning a living.

5. Give

Studies recently showed that those who give were less sad and depressed compared to non-givers. It is thought that the act of giving lowers the level of stress hormones in the body and induces an endorphin rush, leaving a natural high.

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