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Interview on Blessed by MS

The following interview is with a good friend of mine from many years ago when I lived in Melbourne, Joe Busuttil. The changes I have seen in Joe over the years are staggering; when I reminisce on the early days when we first met it seems like a lifetime ago and it could almost be the lives of two different people that I am reflecting upon.Right from the start I had a quiet respect for Joe and all that he had achieved; Joe has always had a passion for helping people. I recall he was studying personal training when we met and his love for helping his clients through fitness extended beyond just seeing them tone up and lose weight but also in seeing the changes in their health, and the happiness it brought them too.Every business Joe has been involved in since then has been for the purposes of helping people including massage therapy, counselling, life coaching and now hypnotherapy. He also lectures on the subject so he can share his knowledge with others. In addition, Joe features fortnightly on a radio segment on Melbourne’s Joy 94.9 where he shares valuable information on topics teaching us how to live a happy, healthy and inspiration filled life.I would like to introduce to you my mentor, my inspiration and my good friend, Joe: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. My name is Joe Busuttil and I run Equator Hypnotherapy Melbourne. We offer a range of therapies designed to help you gain the inner peace you are looking for. We empower you to allow yourself to be the BEST you possibly can be.I am a State Government approved Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach operating in Melbourne.

I am committed to helping clients achieve the changes they desire in a professional, safe and confidential environment. I am a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and the Academy of Hypnotic Science Pty Ltd. I am also the Student Manager and lecturer at the Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne. Lecturing in Psychology and Counselling. Can you explain what hypnotherapy is? Hypnotherapy is a natural occurring state of deep relaxation. In the altered state of consciousness a person is much more able to use therapeutic suggestions, explore problems and address issues to achieve effective change. How did you get into hypnotherapy and why. I suffered from anxiety for four months after a relationship break up back in 2005. The Anxiety really affected my work life and social life. After seeking different therapies to help me I discovered hypnotherapy. It helped me instantly and thus my journey began. I was so impressed I left my corporate job and became a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I knew I had a connection to helping people but I never really knew what I was meant to do. What areas of people’s lives are you able to assist with through hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is effective to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, deal with Anxiety and Depression, build Confidence and Motivation, assist with Relationships and Sexual problems…etc. Hypnotherapy can help people in so many ways. What is the greatest improvement you have witnessed in someone’s life through hypnotherapy? I had a client who was extremely shy and couldn’t face people in any situation. This client felt stuck regarding his career and social life. He couldn’t progress in his job or meet new people, let alone get into a relationship. After a few sessions he started to notice rapid change. Learning about awareness and not to attach to negative thoughts he began to see the light. He is now living in London as a Flight attendant for Virgin Airlines and is also in a long term relationship.It really does make my job so amazing when people transform.

Do people lose control during hypnosis? People in hypnosis got there because they were able to control their thoughts, breathing and feelings to the extent that they can experience and benefit from this state. For guidance and suggestions to work, enhanced control is required, not less. Do people ever not wake up from a state of hypnosis? Getting stuck in hypnosis doesn’t happen. It is very true that some people enjoy this complete state of mental relaxation to the point that they would rather stay in hypnosis for a while longer than come back to a more stressful conscious situation. But they all come back when they are ready. Remember hypnosis engages some parts of the brain that are not active during natural sleep. You will have to come out of hypnosis first before you can drift into natural sleep. Do clients remember what happened while they were hypnotised? That depends on how deeply you go into hypnosis and whether or not you’re instructed to remember or not remember by the hypnotherapist. In the light stage, people remember most of what happened to the extent their memory allows. In the medium to very deep stages not remembering (amnesia) some portions or all of the session is an anticipated normal characteristic of those depths. Not to worry, the work is being done at the subconscious level. Where are you located and how can people get in touch with you for further information or to book a consult? Equator Hypnotherapy Melbourne is located at the Academy of Hypnotic Science, 6 Riddell Parade, Elsternwick, Melbourne. People can contact me on 0412 277 477 or through our Can you give some advice for living a long, happy and fulfilling life? Life shouldn’t be complicated or hard. Taking care of oneself should be your first priority to maintain balance and a fulfilling life. I follow the Four Agreements written by don Miguel Ruiz. It has taught me to live a true healthy happy life. The message in the Four Agreements really hit home for me. After a few months of practice it really does free you.Always speak the truth, Never take what others say personally, Never make assumptions and Always do your best in life.To learn more about the Four agreements visit

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