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Mind over Matter….

Real world evidence

In order to determine if the power of mind over matter is real, we will look at a few real world examples. Take for instance, the Tibetan monks who agreed to allow physicians to monitor their physical changes as they engaged in a meditative yoga technique. The monks were draped in cold, wet sheets and placed in a room at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

These conditions would easily cause an average individual to develop hypothermia. However, the monks were able to generate so much body heat during their meditation that steam was rising off the sheets after only a few minutes. An hour later, the sheets had dried completely.

Can the brain change the body?

In a case published by the American Psychiatric Press, it was noted that in patients with dissociative identity disorders, some medications had different physical effects depending on which personality was present. Also found in cases of multiple personality disorder patients is the need for things like eyeglasses and diabetic medication for some personalities, but not for others, existing in the same patient.

During the personality change, actual physical alterations in intraocular pressure or blood sugar levels have been found.

Consider the placebo and nocebo effect

There are a multitude of studies showing how patients were given placebos of medication that appeared to work because they believed that it would. Consider also the test done by Princeton students who threw a “fake” keg party using O’Douls non-alcoholic beer instead of regular beer, and yet their classmates exhibited a range of highly drunken behavior.

On the flip side is the nocebo effect, where a person believes something bad has occurred and exhibits related symptoms even without a valid source of causation. In a situation published in New Scientist, an Alabama man named Vance was told by a witch doctor that he would soon die. Vance believed it and fell gravely ill within a matter of weeks.

When his physician was told about the witch doctor’s prediction, he told Vance that he knew the cure. The doctor performed a fake procedure and declared Vance was saved. By the next day, Vance was hungry and alert. He recovered completely shortly thereafter.

We have all seen it happen

Whether it is the Tibetan monks in meditation, or a top athlete using the power of positive thinking to help win a big game, there is some undeniable truth to the theory of mind over matter. We have all seen instances that support it, and often without a tangible explanation outside of the strength of willpower.

Okay, so how do we change our thoughts? By purposely feeding our minds more positive material. Remember that your life as it exists today is the direct result of your past and present beliefs about yourself. You may or may not be aware of these beliefs on a conscious level, but that doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to begin changing those beliefs NOW. This will eventually override the negative messages, and your life will change. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, make more money, meet your soulmate or write a best-selling novel, know that you DO have the power to do it.

The first step is to convince yourself that you deserve it. That is probably the most difficult thing to change for most of us. Know that the universe wants you to be happy, fulfilled and prosperous. Why? Simply because you can effect more positive growth for the rest of the planet also. Think about that for a moment. If you are constantly struggling to make ends meet, or feeling drained and stressed by your job, or overwhelmed by personal struggles, how much are you able to help others who are in even worse situations? Probably not much. If things are going very well for you and you have plenty of resources at your disposal, you can then use those resources to help others and make a real difference in this world. This works on two levels. First, you are able to help others by donating time and/or money. Secondly, and even more importantly, you serve as an example to others that they can also become happy, fulfilled and prosperous – if they will only change their thoughts.

The second step is to take some time to figure out exactly what you want to create next. Be creative with it, and don’t limit yourself. Dare to dream big. Even if your dream seems impossible, write it out in full detail. You can choose to work only on one aspect of your life, or several at the same time.

The third step is then to begin visualizing this dream of yours as often as you can. Don’t just “see” it in your mind, really LIVE it. Feel how you will feel when it becomes reality. Know that this dream of yours is very possible. This will generate positive energy that will actually attract the opportunities and circumstances you need to help this reality form in the physical world.

Finally, begin taking action on your dream. It doesn’t matter how large or small the steps you take. The most important thing is that you do what you can to create more openings in your life for the new circumstances to enter. If your goal is to increase your income, you may need to apply for a better job or start your own business. If you are seeking to meet someone, you may need to become more active socially. Again, do something to help this reality manifest.

Our thoughts create an irresistible magnetism around us that attracts certain energies, which then causes the formation of certain circumstances. By replacing old, negative thought patterns with positive, faith-filled energy, our lives will change for the better. Once again, we will have created exactly what we’ve been thinking about.

Mind Over Matter

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