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Mindfulness series

Mindfulness for EVERYONE
A Series of Four – One Hour Sessions
7-8pm Wednesdays
29th October – 19th November

Wednesday 29th October

Wednesday 6th November

Wednesday 12th November

Wednesday 19th November

Benefits of Mindfulness

By learning to be in mindful mode more often, it is possible to develop a new habit that helps to weaken old, unhelpful and automatic thinking habits. For people with emotional problems, these old habits can involve being overly pre-occupied with thinking about the future, the past, themselves, or their emotions in a negative way. Mindfulness training in this case does not aim to immediately control, remove, or fix this unpleasant experience. Rather, it aims to develop a skill to place you in a better position to break free of or not ‘buy into’ these unhelpful habits that are causing distress and preventing positive action.

Core Features of Mindfulness

The first major element of mindfulness involves observing your experience in a manner that is more direct and sensual (sensing mode), rather than being analytical (thinking mode).

This aspect of mindfulness relates to noticing the very fine details of what you are observing.

Participating Fully
An aim of mindfulness is to allow yourself to consider the whole of your experience, without excluding anything.

Being Non-Judgemental
It is important to adopt an accepting stance towards your experience.

Focusing on One Thing at a Time
When observing your own experience, a certain level of effort is required to focus your attention on only one thing at a time, from moment to moment.

Mindfulness has identified these benefits:
-Reduced rumination
-Stress Reduction
-Boosts to working memory
-Less emotional reactivity
-More cognitive flexibility
-Relationship satisfaction

Dates: Wednesdays – 29th October; 5th November; 12th November; 19th November
Time: 7pm – 8pm
Cost: $120 (plus booking fee)
To book: email Joe or call 0412277488
Venue: Academy of Hypnotic Science
Dress: Loose fitting clothing/ BYO cushion

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