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After over two years of being unwell and experiencing Chronic pain, I found self Hypnosis to really help with my pain management – helping me mentally and physically. At Equator Hypnotherapy Melbourne we work closely with clients who are experiencing pain on a day to day basis.

Pain itself is an essential element in human survival. In fact, acute pain is our body’s way of telling us we are being damaged and we’d better do something about it—fast! Without this kind of pain, our very existence would be threatened.

It’s when pain serves no useful purpose, when we have nothing to learn from its message, that we need some way of forcefully handling it. Medication can only do so much, and there is some pain that even powerful medicines have difficulty controlling. Headaches, back pain, arthritis and the terrible pain associated with cancer are just some of the chronic pains that can make our life really difficult.

While the source of the pain may be located somewhere in the body, signals have to reach the brain before we become aware of this. In fact, there’s a saying in hypnosis chronic pain control:
There is no pain until it reaches the brain

In fact, pain is both physical and psychological in nature. The simple existence of psychological pain—phantom limb pain, for example, where pain continues to be felt in an amputated body part—clearly demonstates the fact that the brain itself is capable of not only interpreting messages of pain that come from the body, but that it can even initiate these messages independent of any physical cause. Such pain can be as real and intense as any pain coming from a current injury.

hypnosis pain control If you have experienced pain for any length of time, you may very well have the feeling that you are condemned to suffer from that pain for the rest of your life. And few things are as soul-destoying as having to endure this.

People who suffer from such pain have probably already been to doctors*, taken medication, perhaps tried alternative methods of coping such as acupuncture, biofeedback etc and still they continue to suffer. Their whole life may be consumed by their almost constant awareness of pain.

Help You Manage Chronic Pain
Hypnosis used for pain control and pain management offers help where medication and alternative medicine have failed. Though not suitable for every single case of chronic pain or for eveyone who suffers from it, hypnosis pain management has helped many to control their pain and live a more comfortable life. In hypnosis, and then through self hypnosis, the person suffering from ongoing pain is taught to alter the brain’s perception of the pain message, to turn down its intensity.

It is known that the body can, in certain situations, suppress pain. It would not be very practical, for instance, for a soldier to stop and say “ouch” in the middle of hand-to-hand conflict. People in traumatic accidents sometimes do not realise they have lost limbs until afterwards because the pain was “shut off”.

Pain is actually a construction, created in the blood vessels of the outer brain. The body has many pain receptors but “pain” itself is only in the brain. Because it is a construction, it can be de-constructed.
This is nothing new – Aristotle said that pain was nothing more than a psychological feeling – but it has taken modern science and studies to show exactly how and why it functions.

The body’s natural pain-killers are endorphins, released by the pituitary gland.
By accessing the unconscious, it is possible to control the production of endorphins. Using hypnosis, it is possible to numb (say) a hand, and then transfer that sensation to other parts of the body. We can “turn down” the pain too, like turning down the volume on a radio.
After a couple of sessions, you can learn self-hypnosis to help you control pain in the comfort of your own surroundings.

All hypnosis is, essentially, self-hypnosis and once you have experienced the trance state, it’s a relatively simple matter to learn how to re-enter it at will and reap the benefits.

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