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Quit Smoking Tips

Sometimes it’s knowing these extra practical tips that can make the difference between success and failure when quitting smoking. Here are some to help you:-

Choose a date that is right for you – try to avoid the good intentioned but normally unsuccessful New Year resolutions idea Make sure you have thought about at least 3 clear reasons why it is important for you to stop smoking now. Write these down and carry them wherever you go. More often than not quitting smoking completely tends to work better than cutting down. Cutting down gradually means smoking is constantly on your mind and as you remind yourself how many you are allowed to smoke today. It is better to stop smoking before you get any bad health news.

An upsetting diagnosis adds more stress to your life. Sometimes but not always the shock of the news often is enough make some people “see the light” and to stop smoking Make sure your reasons for stopping smoking are motivating enough. By all means have reasons that are driven by fear eg. cancer (these are called “away-from” motivators because you want to get away-from or avoid them. Don’t forget to have “towards” motivating reasons too eg. feeling fitter (towards motivating reasons are the things that attract us and what we desire such as smoother skin and healthy looking hair) Choose a date when you know your stress levels are likely to be lower or on an even keel. Don’t choose a busy time at work, with deadlines to meet, as the best time to stop smoking Decide to quit smoking for yourself – don’t let anyone cajol or pressure you into quitting before you are ready to do it.

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