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Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor,
Life Coach and Meditation


I suffered from chronic anxiety in 2004 which impacted my life in many ways. After seeking assistance from a Clinical Hypnotherapist I was able to understand my thought process a lot better and take control of my life again. With the right perspective and tools my chronic anxiety slowly faded away.

The majority of times anxiety is created by a thought that is positioned in the future. Everyone does anxiety differently. I have been able to assist many many clients during my career to understand their anxiety and take control over its effects in their own lives. With the combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy clients are able to befriend their anxiety and understand themselves in a much more empowering way. Treating these clients has become my passion and speciality.



After effectively understanding and dealing with my anxiety I was able to transform my life in so many ways. I manifested the life I wanted, career and relationships in a clear and controlled way. I learned to understand that the choices I made were mine to make. I had full control.One of the joys of my job is seeing Clients transform their own lives and manifest their dreams. We all have a purpose and at times we lose sight of our individual path. I assist clients to reclaim their life purpose and to begin to see themselves in a positive and empowered way. With support, patience and guidance clients are pleasantly surprised how much they can change if they believe in themselves.


It is known that sex is a basic need for all humans. During my struggle with anxiety I found I became disconnected from my sexual self and feared relationships and intimacy. Understanding myself better, controlling my thought process and taking ownership of my own desires and needs saw my disconnection, become a connection. I have helped hundreds of clients understand their own personal sexual dysfunction and take control of their relationships and sex live again. Many clients start the or red feeling uncomfortable and unsure of what can be done to create change in this area of their life. In a very short time easy client taps into the solutions to take assist them totally change their dysfunction and to allow them to fit own so they are.

Quantum Healing

I have been a Hypnotherapist for over 10 years now and my fascination with the subconscious has never ceased to amaze me. In more recent times I have studied and explored Quantum healing Hypnosis to mind altering results. I have personally taken my life to another level byunderstanding my higher self and that the possibilities in my life are endless. Quantum healing Hypnotherapy made sense to me and allowed me to explore all the options available to me. Many of my clients are open to exploring their higher self and seeking clarity form the universe. Understanding that they have alternate versions of themselves allows them to explore their past lives or parallel selves. As time can be seen as infinite, they are open to exploring all possibilities in being the best version of themselves. Many of my clients have been able to go to where they have needed to go to understand who they really are. This process has seen them magnificently transform.