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Spiritual Awareness: 2015: The Year of Manifestation!

“Fully inhale your dream and completely exhale manifestation of it.”
― T.F. Hodge

I have been intuitively noticing over the last month or so an increasing attitude toward the upcoming year. I have become aware of people verbally claiming what they want to happen in their lives for 2015. There is a lot of manifestation energy flying around and the time is ripe for tapping into it. Whether if it is fulfilling specific goals, finding and expressing their life’s purpose, upgrading a financial situation or your health or even finding that relationship that adds meaning to life, people are consciously putting it out into the Universe what they want to start experiencing in their lives.

I recall writing out my first New Years Eve manifestation list for the year ahead. My vision was not very clear so I was not manifesting exactly what I wanted. As each year came to an end began to master the art of being very clear with what I wanted. To my surprise slowly but surely these things manifested.

One of the first steps to attracting what you want is identifying what you do not want or like that is a part of your life now. In other words, you have to clear your vibrational debris field. That means releasing or shifting anything that holds a low vibration in your bubble. How do you know something is of a lower vibration than what you are holding?

One indication is how the situation makes you feel. Is it making you happy, bringing real joy into your life and adding to it? Or is it frustrating, painful, and aggravating and not motivating you? It may take some soul searching, honesty, courage and work to address those issues that are holding you down. Just remember the solution is there, you just have to be open to it.

Another important thing to remember is that our thoughts are things. What we focus on is what appears over and over in our lives. Energy flows where focus goes. How do we feel about what it is you’d like to accomplish for next year? Do you see it as real and tangible or are you wishy-washy about your desire? The more clear your intent, the faster and easier you will attract what you want.

You also have to match what it is that you desire. For example, if you have an ideal image of the type of person you’d like to have a relationship with; it eliminates any confusion as to the vibration you are sending out into the universe. The same goes for the relationships you are in now. Like attracts like. If the place you are now is not where you want to be, then you have to change your energy to match your desire.

Manifesting what you want is very simple, but you must be extremely clear about what you want, no matter what. Be honest with yourself about whatever that is. Then sit with that intent. Visualise clearly what it is that you want. Then imagine you already have it. What does it feel like to have what you want? Hold on to that feeling, remember it. Look at what you want and match its vibration and energy. You have to actually become what you want to have it. If you want that loving relationship that has been eluding you, then start within yourself and develop those attributes. When you have done all that, you’ve asked and believed, then release all attachment and ALLOW it be received.

If you want that great job, see yourself already doing it. If you want to live your life’s purpose, see yourself there.

Raise your vibration by staying positive and finding silver linings out of any situation. Be prepared for low vibrational situations or people to shift out of your life, making space for what you really want. Always be grateful for what you have now! And here is one most important tip: Put the energy of love into everything you do or desire. When you really love something you will pull it and the love energy towards you. Love is the single most powerful energy that exists. If you love it, it will come!

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