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Refined sugar is a sweet carbohydrate extracted from sugar cane. It’s a low-nutritive, empty calorie containing virtually no vitamins or minerals. Consumed in large amounts, it can be detrimental to the body. It can exacerbate physical conditions such as obesity, heart disease, decreased immune functions, PMS, raised blood triglyceride, sticky blood platelets, increased stomach acidity, hypoglycaemia, diabetes, hyperactivity and tooth decay.

On top of all that, refined sugar consumption is often at the root of lesser physical symptoms including, intense sleepiness, muscle fatigue, lethargy, pallor, coated tongue, persistent thirstiness, bad breath, heartburn, sour stomach, excessive and/ or foul-smelling intestinal gas and flu – like symptoms. Charming!

Sugar can be addictive, and to a degree, it seems the more you get , the more you want! Many people are hooked on sugar without realizing it, and those who attempt to quit the habit find they can have quite a strong reaction or withdrawal symptoms, the most common being headaches, chills and body aches.

Only one third of sugar consumption is purchased as packaged sugar. The rest is consumed in processed and manufactured foods. Almost everything on store shelves has sugar in it – even cigarettes. Just read the labels and see for yourself.

It’s imperative to be aware and have knowledge about your health. It’s also important to put your awareness and knowledge into action. The following steps are worth considering:

• Avoid all artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and saccharin. These are found in all diet drinks and diet foods, as well as some toothpastes, children’s medicines and chewing gums.

• Eat fruit on a daily basis so that the sweet taste bids are used, and the bliss point factor can be achieved naturally.

• Read all food labels, and consider the amount of sugar in the food you are buying. Normally, the first ingredient on the list is the one with the greatest amount in the packet, and then it goes down in descending order. If you look around, you can often find a similar product that contains less sugar.

• Instead of buying white refined sugar for your table and cooking, buy organic raw sugar. Organic sugar, can now be found in most supermarkets in the sugar aisle. Although this sugar has gone through the refining process, at least it is one step ahead.

Eating the right way does not have to be boring. Making sure you eat the correct amounts will mean you have more energy and are always feeling 100%.

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