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Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor,
Life Coach and Meditation


“I completed 4 hypnotherapy sessions with Joe because I was looking for help managing anxiety and facial blushing. I was not sure what to expect with hypnotherapy but I found the sessions to be very relaxed and holistic, as Joe not only guided me through the hypnotherapy, but also provided me with some counselling and practical tools I could introduce in my day to day life. Since completing the sessions with Joe I am more relaxed and accepting of myself and I continue to attend his meditation classes on a weekly basis. Joe is friendly and insightful and is always willing to share his knowledge with others, for this reason I highly recommend him as a therapist”
Regan, Occupational Therapist, Melbourne.


“My life was all over the place and I needed help in finding direction and stability. I had anxiety and no motivation. Joe really helped me to understand things a different way. The work we did together really got me taking control of what I wanted to create. I was really surprised how much I loved the hypnotherapy. I continue to see Joe monthly for top ups.”
Edward Joston, Business Banker, Melbourne.


“After three hypno sessions with Joe I was able to develop a sense of clarity which enabled me to make some much needed life changes, the results have been profound. Thanks Joe.”
Trish Munnerley, Registered Nurse/ Ambulance Paramedic, Melbourne


“When I decided it was time to stop smoking, I made an appointment to go and see Joe Busuttil after hearing positive recommendations from mutual friends. When I arrived for my appointment, I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable in an amazingly tranquil setting. It was my first time for hypnotherapy and was a little anxious and truth be known, a little sceptical, but Joe explained why, how and what to expect during our session. Everything happened as Joe said it would and although I walked out still not quite convinced, I was amazed to realise that every time I went to have a cigarette I was suddenly thinking about something else and 40 mins would’ve gone by when I realised I still hadn’t had that cigarette I was thinking of having. This sort of behaviour continued for weeks. Here I am 10 months later and still thinking about having that cigarette but being side-tracked. Give it a go. It actually works.”
Stuart Craigen,Director – LM Advertising, Melbourne


“I wasn’t dealing with a breakdown of a friendship very well so got talked into a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy. These along with attending meditation classes (also run by Joe) assisted me in coming to terms and finding an understanding and clarity about how to deal with this situation. He is so personal, friendly and insightful that it makes the session really comfortable as he describes all the steps that he will be taking you on, how you are going to feel and practical tools to take away after the session to work on and for reinforcement. I would highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone who is open to a holistic approach”
Michelle Bianchini, Payroll Manager, Melbourne


“After years of working in an industry where I was unfulfilled and unhappy it was time to move on, however I lacked the confidence in myself to apply for jobs that would make me happy, I also lacked confidence in meeting new people and moving into a relationship, these two issues weighted heavily on me for a long time. Prior to seeing Joe I spoke with a life coach who gave me fantastic advice and steps to use to move forward, however I felt I needed more. I have always been apprehensive about alternative therapies but after meeting Joe, I felt relaxed and ready to give anything a go. With his down to earth and calming nature, Joe worked through my issues and discussed with me where I wanted my life to go. After two sessions with Joe I honestly felt like a new person. I had a new energy for life. A new self confidence that wasnt PUT ON. I was able to do little things like look people in the eye while having a conversation, take compliments on board without dismissing them, generally feeling good about me! I have a lot thank Joe for, he has given me that little boost that I needed to move forward. I can honestly say that I am now happy and very content with my life, I have moved on with work into a job that I love and have meet some fantastic new people that I call my true friends”
Jak Dawson, Virgin- Cabin Crew, Melbourne


“I saw Joe for some hypnotherapy to help me quit smoking, I had tried almost everything currently available to stop but nothing had worked. Joe made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to stop smoking. Since my session with Joe its been almost 3 months and I haven’t touched a cigarette. I felt AMAZING after the session and for the next week. I honestly feel, that by helping me to stop smoking, Joe has given me my quality of life back”
Rhiannon Zavattier


“Joe’s meditation classes recently helped me move through a painful grieving and insomnia period without the need for medication. I had been searching for a meditation class that I resonated with for a long time and from my very first class with Joe I knew I had found it. Joe encompasses so many kinds of meditation and I always come away feeling a sense of inner peace and personal empowerment”
Shey Cooper


Supervision Testimonials


“I have seen Joe over a number of months for a wide range of issues which initially stemmed from chronic anxiety. I feel a new sense of self-worth, love of life and confidence which Joe has assisted me to see and discover. Joe has challenged me and I feel that I have grown in such a short period of time. Through hypnotherapy with Joe I have been able to let of a number of bad habits in my life and further a number of beliefs and values which were no longer working for me. Joe is an amazing hypnotherapist; he works with you, challenges you and more importantly has the most utter respect for my journey in life. Thank you Joe, at the age of 30 and a mother of 2 small children, I feel extremely grateful that I can live my life in a space that allows me to be the best version of me!”
Carly Armstrong, HR Manager


“I have been seeing Joe Busuttil for Hypnotherapy Supervision since graduating from the Academy of Hypnotic Science in January 2012. Over this time I have found Joe to play an incredibly important role in my development and achievements as a hypnotherapist. His guidance has been invaluable, especially in the initial stages of my career when I often found myself needing additional direction and support. I would highly recommend Joe as a supervisor.”
Simone Peters, Clinical Hypnotherapist, BSc(Psychophysiology)(Hons), PhD (Med) Researcher, Monash University


“Professional development and supervision is a self-imposed requirement given that I am person who is assisting others professionally on an emotional level, and given that I wish to maintain a recognised registration with recognised associations in Australia it is also a requirement. Joe is passionate and enthusiastic about hypnotherapy and throughout my time as a student at the academy, as well as throughout my first year of practice I found Joe to be an amazing support and a reassuring supervisor, which is absolutely necessary as you begin on your journey as a hypnotherapist.”
Heather Richards, CaS Therapy, Newport.


Understanding Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) – A Therapist’s Workshop


“The Understanding Alcohol and Other Drugs – Therapist’s Workshop was informative and comprehensive. It provided me with knowledge to grow my understanding of clients with AOD issues as well as provide me with effective ways to facilitate effective goal setting therapy based on client centred care. Comprehensive notes and power-point copies were provided. I recommend anyone wanting to gain an understanding of AOD and working with clients therapeutically to attend this workshop. Thank you Joe, your experience in this field speaks volumes.”
Dianne, therapist


“Incredibly well run and informative day.
Joe’s knowledge of the subject coupled with all of the take-home resources, has certainly left me feeling far more confident to deal with D&A clients in the future.
Thank you Joe! ”
Kerry, BA(psych), BSW, MSW, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


“As a current Cert IV student, I found the AOD workshop a very worthwhile course full of an extensive range of useful information, practical tools and frameworks. Joey’s passion for this topic makes the learning experience one.
Thank you Joe! ”
Nat, Senior HR People & Culture Business Partner


“It has taken me a few days to come back to reality. The Dance with the Inner Child retreat was very emotional and cathartic for me. In fact I was exhausted. I have been more than a little scared in the past to do inner child stuff because of the amount of emotion that I knew would rise. However with your gentle coaxing and keen observation skills, I was able to allow those feelings to rise in a very safe and nurturing environment. It helped that everyone else at the retreat was so supportive and nurturing as they themselves went through their own journey and release. I now have a better understanding of myself and why I need the things I need and why I react the way I do. It is like a veil has been lifted from me and I can see my life with much more clarity. Joe has shown me how easy it is to go back into ‘the child’ and ignore the adult without even realising it. Not any more. The most wonderful thing is, I now understand her, this beautiful vulnerable little girl, and how she just wants to be heard. And I’m listening now.
Thank you.”
Paula, therapist


“Dance of the Inner Child retreat – It’s still an emotional journey as I do have some tears some days but they are good ones this time and not sad or yuk ones any more.
My heart feels a lot more open now and I feel a can be a lot more stronger with not taking anybody else’s stuff on-board when I don’t have to.
Just wanted to say this has been an amazing release and journey for me and wanted to thank you from my heart for encouraging me to do this.
I really needed this!”


“It was a wonderful weekend at the Inner Child retreat and you worked very hard to allow us to experience what we needed to.
I enjoyed how you were very patient and accommodating for everyone’s needs. You made each and everyone of us feel special.
A big thank you to you !!!!”
Damyanti, therapist


“Joe’s passion and enthusiasm for this topic is infectious and I have walked away with a new found confidence of my own strengths and a greater variety of techniques I can use in my own practice. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in your professional or life journey, this is definitely a workshop that will benefit both yourself and your clients. Joe will inspire you to become your absolute best!”
Lisa DiVall, Clinical Hypnotherapist


“The Understanding Alcohol and Other Drugs – Therapist’s Workshop was informative and comprehensive. It provided me with knowledge to grow my understanding of clients with AOD issues as well as provide me with effective ways to facilitate effective goal setting therapy based on client centred care. Comprehensive notes and powerpoint copies were provided. I recommend anyone wanting to gain an understanding of AOD and working with clients therapeutically to attend this workshop. Thank you Joe, your experience in this field speaks volumes.”
Kerry Rubin – BA(psych), BSW, MSW, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


“Incredibly well run and informative day. Joe’s knowledge of the subject coupled with all of the take-home resources, has certainly left me feeling far more confident to deal with AOD clients in the future.
Thank you Joe! ”
Dianne Drinkwater, Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist


“Thank you.Joe is fantastic! I completed his workshop “Understanding Alcohol and Other Drugs – A Therapists Workshop” which was amazing! The course content was highly informative and well structured. Joe’s teaching style and communication ability really resonated with me and I highly recommend his services to any therapist who wishes to improve their craft.”
Terrie Popper- clinical hypnotherapist


Shadow workshop


I participated in the Shadow workshop facilitated by Joe.
It took me a while to do the workshop, i wanted to do it, but in reality I didn’t want to face or accept the blocks i was having so I kept delaying it. Joe new better, as he does and I went along knowing it was time.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, if it would help and what would be the outcome. I’m so glad Joe encouraged me to go, i found the answers i was seeking and i feel happier and more in control than ever before. it definitely was the next step i need to move forward in my current personal journey.
The workshop was easy to follow and just the right amount of challenge, I felt at ease to share and participate all day. Joe has a way about him that makes you feel safe and this allows you to explore your thoughts, habits and behavior in an open and curious way, this makes the learning and exploration of yourself actually enjoyable.
The course was structured perfectly, a great balance of challenge, reflection and communication and it also includes fantastic tools to take home.
Joe is just brilliant at what he does, I highly recommend anyone that is either stuck, challenged or in a good place to do this course, you will learn tools for life and you never know when life will smack you in the face. Don’t hesitate, just do it.
Joe you are my Yoda.
Lots of love
Jodi Clarke


Completing Joe’s shadow workshop, I feel a deep sense of comfort and confidence in the knowledge I gained of myself. It’s so nice to really love and appreciate my good and my bad all at once. I wake up excited about my future once again. That is the power of this workshop, and it’s invaluable.
Julie Khew


Joes shadow work shop was challenging, engaging and mind blowing, I was enthralled from start to finish – one of the best days I have had in a such a long time. I will forever treasure the memories and feel empowered with the knowledge Joe shared. I look forward with a calm confidence and am pretty sure I am radiating joy – I loved it. Thanks, such a great group of like minded people.
Jessica Wilson


I was given the skills to say goodbye to my shadows.
I may have not got it straight away but once the seed has been planted it grows and boy does it grow fast….
I’m now following what I believe is my path and using my passions to drive me to the giddy heights of success and the pleasures it will bring to my life.
Thanks Joe.
Kind regards
Neil Vernon


I attended a weekend Shadow Connection workshop with Joe Busuttil.
Though I had worked with my shadows prior I was able to go deeper to see the things that are still holding me back.
The group energy was fantastic and I felt blessed to witness people opening up, being vulnerable and then letting go.
For any one contemplating doing this workshop I highly recommended it as you will able to uncover the stories you tell yourself , the masks you hold up and then be in an empowering position to change the way you show up in life.
Thanks Joe your a blessing!
Warm regards
Mary Paleologos Transformational Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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