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The ABCS of Personal Empowerment


“Always be alert, awake and aware. ” Being thankful is the road to freedom. ” Creation begins with a thought; think consciously. ” Don’t ever give up. ” Everything happens for a reason. ” Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. ” Going within provides the answers. ” Honor yourself and others through your thoughts, words and deeds. ” I am perfect, whole and complete right now. ” Just looking at what is will bring you back to the present; all else is distraction. ” Kindness opens our hearts and doorways. ” Love is what it is all about. ” Mistakes are lessons which we need to repeat; once learned we do not need to take the lesson again. ” No is sometimes more empowering then eyes”. ” Opposites attract ? for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. ” Perception determines our reality. ” Questions lead to solutions. ” Reason is what separates man from beast; use your mind to think things through. Reason, respond and then let yourself react. ” Speak your truth with kindness and clarity. ” Time is the only thing you have to give that you cannot get back.

Use it wisely. ” Understanding will serve you better than feeling. ” Validation comes from within. ” Worry is a self?defeating emotion which does not serve you. Worry not. ” X marks the spot where balance resides. ” You are divinely created in the image and likeness of the Source Creator (God). ” Zest for life is realized by being the best you that you can be in each moment.

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