Equator Intuitive Coaching:

I’ve been a hypnotherapist since 2009, and my interest with the subconscious continues to astound me. More recently, I  studied Quantum Energy Healing Hypnosis, which produced mind-altering results. Personally, I have elevated my life to the next level by realising that my higher self exists within me giving me access to many opportunities and possibilities. Many of my clients are willing to explore their higher self via Quantum Energy Healing Hypnotherapy  and seek clarity.. Being aware that we have multiple versions of ourselves within  enables  an investigation of these identities. Investigating all the options and using these to connect with  the best version of themselves.

Many of my clients have been able to explore where they needed to go to discover who they truly are. This technique has resulted in their remarkable transformation.

Life Coaching:

Life coaching is about supporting a client in narrowing the gap between their current situation and their desired outcome. It’s about collaborating with someone who wants to do more in life. A professional life coach will help their client understand what is essential to them, what is missing in their life or career, and what results they are seeking for. They will then ask questions, listen, reflect on what they have heard, and challenge their client’s thinking so that the client can consider new methods to achieve the desired transformation.

Working with a competent life coach allows clients to reach their goals more quickly and easily. Coaching customers experience increased confidence, self-esteem, love for life, stronger connections, and a more focused approach to their lives and businesses.

Life Coaching shows you how to:

*Get clear about your aims.
*Overcome Procrastination
*Remove fear and self-doubt.
*Get focused on what is truly important in your life and business.
*Possessing self-assurance and a positive outlook, as well as strong communication skills.
*Tools for turning challenges around.

Transformation & Manifestation:

After successfully recognising and coping with my anxiety, I was able to alter my life in numerous ways. I manifested my ideal life, job, and relationships in a clear and controlled manner. I came to understand that the decisions I made were entirely my own. I had complete control. One of the highlights of my career is witnessing clients alter their own life and realise their aspirations. We all have a purpose, and sometimes we lose sight of our own journey. I help clients rediscover their life purpose and begin to perceive themselves in a positive, empowered light. Clients are pleasantly astonished by how much they can change if they trust in themselves.


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Providing therapy that is both helpful and of high quality for men who are dealing with challenges that are specific to men:

*Whether it be in terms of size or performance, do you feel inadequate?
*Despite the fact that you adore your partner, you have no interest in having sexual relations?
*Feeling overly stressed out by your job?
*Are You Struggling with Anxiety or Depression?
*Having lingering feelings of shame and terror as a result of previous experiences?
*Trying to find the best version of yourself.

No matter what your personal or private issue, I can help!

Problems MEN face on a daily basis

Secret MENS Business Coaching offers a unique and useful set off support programs that identify and help address the numerous problems that MEN face daily.

From parenting skills to relationship issues; sex addiction to anger management; mid-life crisis to anxiety and depression, I offer effective counselling and therapies for a variety of issues.

Choose the areas you are most concerned about from below, and then contact us for additional information.

Anger Management

Anger management training may assist in understanding the emotional dynamics of anger, observing negative and distorted thinking, and identifying anger triggers.

Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and unhappiness are now being recognized as more than “women’s problems,” which is prompting more men to seek therapy.


Being a responsible father nowadays entails more than simply bringing home money or enforcing the rules. I can assist you in reaching your goals.

Stress Management

Managing stress is a full-time job for many individuals, and it can have a negative impact on their physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Relationship Counselling

Marriage counselling can offer you the knowledge and resources you need to keep your marriage or long-term relationship healthy, loving and thriving over time.

Mid-Life Crisis

Fast cars, younger women and risk-taking are the typical mid-life crisis in men, but for other guys, mid-life offers more uncertainty than a promise.

Addiction to Sex and Porn

Men who seek treatment may overcome the humiliation of sex and porn addiction and reclaim their lives as disciplined, balanced and healthy individuals.

Problems with Sex and Intimacy

In a loving, healthy, and caring relationship, sex and intimacy are essential. Secret Men’s Business can assist men in dealing with feelings of inadequacy.

Addiction and Substance Abuse

We provide unique and effective therapies that help you in getting rid of those bad habits such as substance abuse and addiction

PTSD and Traumatic Experience

Traumatic events may have long-term consequences that affect both mental and physical well-being.

Why Do Men Avoid Counselling and Therapy?

Over the years of dealing with men as a therapist, I’ve found that there is a strong reluctance among many of them to speak openly about their problems within their intimate relationships and I’ve been working within this arena for years.

Most men prefer to rely on their inner resources rather than seek outside assistance because they see it as a threat to their feeling of independence and self-reliance.

To cope with this issue, men may need assistance from other men or individuals they trust in order to normalize the act of seeking help.

We have seen that men who use counselling services are typically high-functioning and successful in many areas of their life.

Unfortunately, many men who suffer from stress, rage or bad relationships are losing out on something that might increase their personal power and life pleasure.

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