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At Equator Therapies, we understand the importance of showcasing the impact of our services through the voices of those we’ve had the privilege to support.
EQUATOR THERAPIES client testimonials offer firsthand accounts of the transformative power of therapy, providing validation of our effectiveness, building trust and credibility, and offering insight into the therapeutic journey.


One word describes my experience with Joe: effective!

I suffered a 15 year long habit of tearing my fingernails. It had got to the point that I’d hide my hands under a table in meetings so I could pick at my fingers!

Whilst not a sceptic, I wasn’t expecting the stunning results after just one session.

I’ve had three sessions with Joe now and it’s not an exaggeration to say hypnotherapy has been life changing in a wonderful way!


I met up with Joe to help with my fear of deep water and improve my confidence in the water. His techniques help you feel immediately relaxed. Being in the pool is now my happy place. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help to manage irrational fears and tame the subconscious mind.



Joe has been instrumental in turning my life around. I started seeing him 6 months ago after 25 years of trying to find the right therapist.
He has guided me through many surface behaviours, helping me to understand the causes and the alternatives that I can choose.

I’ve become so comfortable working with him that we’ve embarked on trauma therapy, and it is surprisingly empowering. I love the variation of his methods; I feel completely safe and intend to see Joe for years to come.

I believe we are working on the deep issues now and in the future will continue to work together to help me shape my future.
Joe is a gifted therapist. I am blessed to have found him


I have attended workshops with Joe and hypnotherapy sessions. Joe is a passionate and authentic presenter and has assisted me with coaching over a period of a year when I was literally frozen and could not move forward with my business.

I have now finished my website, advertising workshops, enrolled in Toast Masters and most importantly running my own workshops. I highly recommend Joe as a hypnotherapist, coach and presenter. Thank you Joe.


Joe is really easy to talk to, and more importantly to listen to. He is clear and succinct while at the same time being accessable and understanding. The hypnosis section also works very well and does away with the usual theatrics of the process.
I highly recommend Joe.


“I completed 4 hypnotherapy sessions with Joe because I was looking for help managing anxiety and facial blushing. I was not sure what to expect with hypnotherapy but I found the sessions to be very relaxed and holistic, as Joe not only guided me through the hypnotherapy, but also provided me with some counselling and practical tools I could introduce in my day to day life.

Since completing the sessions with Joe I am more relaxed and accepting of myself and I continue to attend his meditation classes on a weekly basis. Joe is friendly and insightful and is always willing to share his knowledge with others, for this reason I highly recommend him as a therapist”


“My life was all over the place and I needed help in finding direction and stability. I had anxiety and no motivation. Joe really helped me to understand things a different way. The work we did together really got me taking control of what I wanted to create. I was really surprised how much I loved the hypnotherapy. I continue to see Joe monthly for top ups.”


“After three hypno sessions with Joe I was able to develop a sense of clarity which enabled me to make some much needed life changes, the results have been profound. Thanks Joe.”


“When I decided it was time to stop smoking, I made an appointment to go and see Joe Busuttil after hearing positive recommendations from mutual friends. When I arrived for my appointment, I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable in an amazingly tranquil setting. It was my first time for hypnotherapy and was a little anxious and truth be known, a little sceptical, but Joe explained why, how and what to expect during our session.

Everything happened as Joe said it would and although I walked out still not quite convinced, I was amazed to realise that every time I went to have a cigarette I was suddenly thinking about something else and 40 mins would’ve gone by when I realised I still hadn’t had that cigarette I was thinking of having.

This sort of behaviour continued for weeks. Here I am 10 months later and still thinking about having that cigarette but being side-tracked. Give it a go. It actually works.”


“I wasn’t dealing with a breakdown of a friendship very well so got talked into a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy. These along with attending meditation classes (also run by Joe) assisted me in coming to terms and finding an understanding and clarity about how to deal with this situation.

He is so personal, friendly and insightful that it makes the session really comfortable as he describes all the steps that he will be taking you on, how you are going to feel and practical tools to take away after the session to work on and for reinforcement. I would highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone who is open to a holistic approach”


“After years of working in an industry where I was unfulfilled and unhappy it was time to move on, however I lacked the confidence in myself to apply for jobs that would make me happy, I also lacked confidence in meeting new people and moving into a relationship, these two issues weighted heavily on me for a long time.

Prior to seeing Joe I spoke with a life coach who gave me fantastic advice and steps to use to move forward, however I felt I needed more. I have always been apprehensive about alternative therapies but after meeting Joe, I felt relaxed and ready to give anything a go. With his down to earth and calming nature, Joe worked through my issues and discussed with me where I wanted my life to go. After two sessions with Joe I honestly felt like a new person. I had a new energy for life. A new self confidence that wasn’t PUT ON.

I was able to do little things like look people in the eye while having a conversation, take compliments on board without dismissing them, generally feeling good about me! I have a lot thank Joe for, he has given me that little boost that I needed to move forward. I can honestly say that I am now happy and very content with my life, I have moved on with work into a job that I love and have meet some fantastic new people that I call my true friends”


“I saw Joe for some hypnotherapy to help me quit smoking, I had tried almost everything currently available to stop but nothing had worked. Joe made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to stop smoking. Since my session with Joe its been almost 3 months and I haven’t touched a cigarette. I felt AMAZING after the session and for the next week. I honestly feel, that by helping me to stop smoking, Joe has given me my quality of life back”


“Joe’s meditation classes recently helped me move through a painful grieving and insomnia period without the need for medication. I had been searching for a meditation class that I resonated with for a long time and from my very first class with Joe I knew I had found it. Joe encompasses so many kinds of meditation and I always come away feeling a sense of inner peace and personal empowerment”



“I have seen Joe over a number of months for a wide range of issues which initially stemmed from chronic anxiety. I feel a new sense of self-worth, love of life and confidence which Joe has assisted me to see and discover. Joe has challenged me and I feel that I have grown in such a short period of time.

Through hypnotherapy with Joe I have been able to let of a number of bad habits in my life and further a number of beliefs and values which were no longer working for me. Joe is an amazing hypnotherapist; he works with you, challenges you and more importantly has the most utter respect for my journey in life.

Thank you Joe, at the age of 30 and a mother of 2 small children, I feel extremely grateful that I can live my life in a space that allows me to be the best version of me!”


“I have been seeing Joe Busuttil for Hypnotherapy Supervision since graduating from the Academy of Hypnotic Science in January 2012. Over this time I have found Joe to play an incredibly important role in my development and achievements as a hypnotherapist. His guidance has been invaluable, especially in the initial stages of my career when I often found myself needing additional direction and support.

I would highly recommend Joe as a supervisor.”
SIMONE PETER, Clinical Hypnotherapist, BSc(Psychophysiology)(Hons), PhD (Med) Researcher, Monash University


“Professional development and supervision is a self-imposed requirement given that I am person who is assisting others professionally on an emotional level, and given that I wish to maintain a recognised registration with recognised associations in Australia it is also a requirement. Joe is passionate and enthusiastic about hypnotherapy and throughout my time as a student at the academy, as well as throughout my first year of practice I found Joe to be an amazing support and a reassuring supervisor, which is absolutely necessary as you begin on your journey as a hypnotherapist.”


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